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The Chesapeake Cruise - Wye and McGothy Rivers (9538)

Ah hammocks, wish I could fit two into this one.
We stop for the night in the beautiful Wye river, one side is a nature reserve, the other side where rich poeople have their houses, stables, boathouses and docks.

The waters are used by fishermen and we actually anchor within the area used for crabbing - the fisherman does not seem to mind, and we leave in good time.

Exiting the Wye river we pass into the main Chesapeake bay and through a shipping anchorage.

As does the big ship behind us - He caught me unawares as I assumed he was abchored whrn I glanced behind me. Note to self, look behind more often!

To get North we have to pass under a bridge, shirley doesn't look

We decide to enter the McGothy river for the night to let us have a short 20 mile run into Baltimore the next morning. It has lots of anchorages and we choose Broad Creek.

And manage to sail into it. Its entrance is not broad!

The anchorage described in the "Captains Mate" phone app suggests anchoring oppos…