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Cape Verdes (the Island of Sal)

As usual, dolphins keep us company on the way from Gran Canaria to the Cape Verdes, 800 miles with Matt and Alan. Alan was asleep for the 45 minutes the Dolphins played with us - there were 20+ of them.

 We leave Las Palmas marina in Gran Canaria around noon after fuelling and getting refunds on our gate access cards. The next 800 miles involve trying running with twin headsails and also bearing off for broad reaching. There is an unpleasant sea - two cross seas a 2m sea from the NE and a 4m sea from the NW - a weather bomb off America I think. The rolling made sleep difficult but we used 3 hour watches and 6 hours rest through the night - an evening meal at dusk and the rotated the watches so the cook had the first 6 hour sleep. Winds were more than forecast - generally force 5,6 or 7 with gusts goinf much higher - not too difficult with one foresail and the mizzen mainsail out.
 4 days out and we slow down to ensure a daytime entry - we had done 7.5 knots or 6 to 6.5 generally but …