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Halifax, Nova Scotia (10684 miles)

And so to Halifax - a city that feels about the size of Belfast (probably much smaller) it has lovely boardwalk docks where you can dock free during the day. I visit several places in the Halifax bay. You enter a narrow mouth and then the narrows that have the city broadens to a large basin where they assembled Atlantic convoys during the war.

Good walk around the dock.

The boardwalk has many places to park a boat

Hammocks again!

Lots of wee chill out spaces - love the Adirondack chairs - another project when I get home is to make a few of these!

I come back to the dock here on my way back.

Nick hires a bike from one of these containers so we can visit a chandler. We did entertain segways but I reckon falling could wreck knees, all four of them.

Some nice old boats moored on the docks