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Down the Islands of France, From Glenans to Yeu

After departing the Glenans we sail and motor to the next Island down the coast - the Isle de Groix, it is only 25 mile so we just take a look and then continue going to Belle Isle.
Here is a map of the French Coast.

 Approaching Isle de Groix - looks pretty
more lighthouses!

 We move on to the next Island - Belle Isle and the port of Le Palais, there are more trees here than on Groix
 Here is the entrance to Le Palais, there is a fort to the right
 Of course we share the harbour with not just one but two ferries, there do handbrake turns, I think I could have spat on the boat as it passed - within spitting distance
 They have added pontoons in the shallowish water on the town side of the harbour - the pontoons are floating boxes clicked together and are summer only.
 On the seaside of the harbour, along the pier, you moor between two white buoys, or between a bouy and chains on the pier wall. You often raft up three boats to a pair of balls - we raft alongside one other boat. A fell…

Scillies, Camaret and the Glenans

We arrive in the Scillies at 3 am and awake to bright sunshine. Quickly hoist a multipurpose Celtic Nations flag to honour the Cornish nation (best I can do as regards a courtesy flag)  Some shots of the narrow sound of New Grimbsby, between the Islands of Tresco and Bryher.

 Below is the Beach on Tresco, the island has a beautiful garden and a nice pub with rooms (hint - worth a stay!) also self catering, but numbers are small, few cars, a few buggies, feels a bit like "the Prisoner", but no sign of Patrick Magoohan (number six)
 Locals make money as many ways as they can
 So, after fish and chips, a beer, a bit of a walk and a chill on the boat we go to bed to catch the early tide the next morning - you need half tide to cross the shallows to get south so we rise at 6:30 and head at 7 am for France. Wind starts light but comes up to a nice force 4.

We blast across the channel - the first two thirds are at 7 to 8 knots, we could have made a real record crossing as we are o…