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Llanes to La Coruna

Leaving Llanis through the gates at half tide 2.3 m of water I think.

 I am not looking at them
 But a pretty wee town
 The crew on the poop deck

 In to Gijon, biggish city, nice old town - once you are in, looks a bit too high rise until you get in.
 masses of room, all visitors go to the left. The big cat is "A Fine Balance" we meet them in La Coruna. A 45 foot Lagoon - fantastic below decks - more room than 4 yachts. Bridge deck version - really high views from the steering position.

 onward the next day to Ribadeo - Shirley is to get a bus from here. First we have to get under the bridge...
 So kind to put a lamp post between the 2 transits - there are three sets used to get in here, although with low seas and high tides there is little to worry about - there is a little to worry about but not that much.
 We hate bridges, even ones 100 feet high
 Some nice old buildings about the palce
 Our cocktail waiter at here work, peaches and Cava, what's not to like?


Along the Spanish Coast, French border to Llanes

So with three on board we head West, the Spanish border town of Hondaribia is a pleasant place with a nice walled old area on top of a hill, Marina is good too.

Eileen on the wheel, hot, damned hot and no wind - I suppose having no wind is ok if it is directly on the nose... (gentlemen don't Beat to windward...)
The town of San Sebastian beckons, a big bay protected by an island (on the right).
In we go
I don't know what we are smiling about - 5 minutes later the first attempt at picking up a buoy results in our beautiful stainless swedish mooring hook going overboard - I tied a bowline, well actually I doubt I did tie a bowline... oops
I could either snorkel or use scuba gear - I opt for scuba gear. My assistant here is one of the best qualified diving instructors there is (BSAC National Instructor), and I am a 4 star diver, but it is hard because it is sooo hot.

Found it, in 30 feet of water, 10 feet vis and about 20 feet from the mooring bouy
The ladies swim
Our string ope…