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Annapolis with Shirley (9463 nm)

This is us in Annapolis late at night - listening to music with "Ego Alley" in the background - boats can moor right alongside to be seen by the parade of people out walking in the evening, or boats can motor down slowly, turn around motor out again - to show off. If I did that in Shadowmere my 3 point turn might end up a 22 point, almost but not quite  turn. I remain on a mooring buoy!
When we arrive in Annapolis from DC the bus has to let us off a street early - a street party is underway = all the restaurants have loaded up the street with tables, there is a wait for however and we have to give it a miss.

We pick up a meal at a restaurant that was recommended to us by a volunteer in the maritime museum, actually it was not great but had quantity on its side if you ate crabs. We opted for the crab cakes and I had hush puppies - these are a savoury corn ball battered and deep dried and not made of soft leather like British hush puppies, although they might as well have bee…