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BVI to DR (Dominican Republic)

View from the government Docks at Barahona in the Dominican Republic - our second port of call.

We arrive in the Dominican Republic (DR) after a long motor and short (good) sail. 325 miles, three nights at sea, but the stars were fantastic. We had headed South from the BVI until we could turn right (West) halfway between St Croix and the rest of the USVI – it was important to keep more than 12 miles from the US as Peter and Doros had no Visas. The seas were low and the winds light for 36 hours and we motored. The wind (and Sea!) arrive off the tip of San Juan as we head across open sea to the DR. We arrive in Boca Chica some way along the DR coast. We are now rushing a little bit to get to Cuba as Peter has to fly home a week early, although in truth the sooner we get to Cuba the sooner I can get around to Havana for the Family arriving in April. John has suggested adding distances to the blog and I will do this as best I can – a quick play with Navionics online charts seems to say I …

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