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British Virgin Islands (BVI) - Big Vested Interests

We arrive in the British Virgin Islands and see a poorly named, but accurate boat name. The hurricane six months ago has had devastating effects. The town has a lot of buildings still destroyed and a lot of associated rubble and mess about the place. The photo above is from Road Town, Tortola, the capital. We arrive in Virgin Gorda, a smaller island but the first place we come to where we can clear in. 

This is the set of marina shops that Virgin Gorda has, all non-functional. We ask for Diesel but they have none, for petrol they direct us up the road. When we arrived, we anchored and I went ashore to clear in - took hours as the staff were late opening and were a bit slow to process me. I need to make sure Eamon is registered correctly as he will fly out of Tortola, BVI. Eventually we are cleared and I return for the crew, we head into the marina and dock the dinghy at the dinghy dock. The marina looks rough. A uniformed guard bustles up and says "first I don't like where y…