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Long Island Sound Part 2 (9979 miles)

Block island - the channel is nearly blocked with boats!

An enormous square lagoon with a narrow entrance, hundreds and hundreds of boats are inside, moored and anchored, I find a spot miles from the dock and take two goes at getting the anchor in the right place. In the end I don't go ashore, I drive up to the docks, have a drive past and head on to Newport.

Newport has superyachts and super yachts, It is also a busy place

Two of these pass me on the way in. - 12m class I guess.

Newport is up an inlet with lots of islets, and nearby parallel inlets, lovely terrain, some nice houses.

dozens of yachts and small boats to avoid

Harbour is in there past this point

An unconcerned wee boat, mucking about in boats, simply mucking.

Even after I am anchored lots of people sail in and out of the anchored and moored boats. There is a free anchorage and several free public dinghy docks. Showers, laundry and Wifi blocks too, well set up to support transient boaters.