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Northern Florida 1 - Miami and the ICW (miles to date 8437)

John Henshaw and I depart Key Largo for Miami  - I have DVDs on board of CSI Miami and we watch these instead of reading proper guides…
Entrance by Sea is fairly amazing – a big long ship channel with skyscrapers each side. The entrance is called the Government Cut and is blocked to pleasure craft if there are Cruise liners in port. Luckily they had all left when we arrived (they leave at 6pm in most places). When we leave Miami we are diverted from Government cut to a nearby side channel South of the cut but this only adds an extra half mile to the journey. Miami, or more correctly Miami Beach is fairly amazing – to anchor a yacht in the heart of a city. In fact there is water everywhere – there are channels and artificial islands with buildings on them, docks are everywhere – a theme we find in Florida.

We took the yellow track on the way in. Each of the rounded rectangles have houses, each with their own docks. Usually powerboats – dictated by the very shallow waters. We had to cr…