Cuba 7 A Cuban Roadtrip

Shirley brings me proper clothes – I have been using three sets of Rohan shirts, shorts and knickers and hand washing the current set every night- looked a bit like a khaki warrior – but the Rohan shirts do wash and dry quickly!
We decide to hire a car and get away from the city for a couple of days. There are hire car outlets all over the place – every hotel and one on the marina grounds. I cycle up and am told that they have no cars – they are in short supply and Cuba is hoping for a container ship to arrive soon with new stock. All their cars are booked on the internet weeks in advance and paid for. The guy has been sitting in his office all week 9 until 6 without anything to do. <sigh> He does tell me to try at some of the bigger hotels in the town. I then try the marina office and they kindly phone 4 places, same story. So it is a case of “on my bike” and off I go to track down a car. It is a very hot day and I cycle 3 or 4 mile to Third Avenue where there are half a doze…

Cuba 6 Havana, Habana, Have and Have not

Do not underestimate the cunning of man when he needs to get into his coconut - to enhance his rum drinking!
After settling Shadowmere into her berth in Hemingway Marina I am introduced to Josh. A taxi driver and fixer, he gets me a gas cylinder with an American fitting and an American gas regulator. The marina staff wire up my 110V autotransformer to the electric and I have mains electric again. (Thank you Screwfix for getting me the autotransformer for £60 – about a twentieth the price of a marine power supply). 
Josh takes me up to the airport and Shirley arrives after taking an hour to get through customs – carrying a second hand autopilot controller and various glues and chemicals with no problem. She also has a new ensign for Shadowmere.
 This is what 8000 miles does to a flag

Nice new one - thanks Shirley
Whilst waiting for Rachel, Matt and Amy to arrive we visit the Hemingway Yacht Club – premises on the Marina site. The marina site is huge in fact, it has 4 long canals all p…