Puerto Rico for Christmas (14,187 miles done)

Tropical Islands, along the beach in Puerto Rico.

Mind you the camera sometimes lies, in practice the beaches of Donegal can be better, though it is a bit warmer in Puerto Rico.

After a very brief visit to the Caicos island, where Eileen, Colin and I take a dive with a dive centre ($165 for a 2 tank boat trip each!) we head on to Puerto Rico.

In the last blog we were diving San Salvador in the Bahamas and we depart there for a 3 days at sea passage to the Turks and Caicos, we stop in Turtle Cove marina, deep inside the reefs of Providentiales, the North-most island, Usually called Provo, not a name I like.

We arrive at the reef and radio for a (free) pilot boat to guide us through the 2 mile tortuous passage, in practice if you obey the red and green and stay in the exact middle in the tricky bits you have at least one or two feet under your keel.

Then the entrance into the marina is a twisty S bend - keep to the outside of bends and all is fine. We tie up, go ashore and have a beer,…