Wooden boats at St Michaels

A pusher boat - massive engine used to push the sailboat when engines were allowed to be used - the dredging for Oysters had many strange rules, such as you had to use sail only for 5 days a week but could use the pusher on the other days! the small boat could be hoisted aboud the bigger craft.

The inside workshop

America is blessed with many varieties of wood available in significant quantity. Britain and Ireland did have lots of Oak, and to be fair some other woods, but Scotland and in particular Shetland had little. I recall seeing cargo manifests in a Shetland Museum that listed "flat pack boats being delivered from Norway to Shetland as deck cargo. Boats such as sixereens and foureens were built like Ikea kits - hundreds of years ago, since there weren't enough trees in Shetland. Wood is used everywhere in the states - Docks and houses, roof "slates" as cedar shingles and of course wooden boats! In my later visits to Mystic Seaport boatyards and Museums I see …