Lunenburg (11140 Miles done)

A Lunenburg Dory - built afresh, I get to chat to the builder.

This blog is a bit misleading, the last blog covered Baddeck in the Bras d'Or after which Nick and I head back ( I keep thinking "head South" but actually it is West as Nova Scotia is tilted a fair bit, compass course are also 20 degrees different to true chart courses, so our compass course is actually due West magnetic).

We leave Baddeck, stop again at St Peter to wait for a lock opening, but I blogged about that in the (single) St Peter entry. We sail direct for Halifax, 149 miles and an overnight sail where we pull into Halifax docks, wait a day while some bad weather blows through and visit Lunenburg by bus. We then go to Dartmouth, 4 miles up the river for a cheaper nights stay and to get fuel before departing for Lunenburg again - by boat! however we arrive at night, anchor and leave the next morning early

I hope the photos don't confuse you. I include a few nautical ones, despite being out of ord…

Bras D'Or Lakes; Iona and Baddeck (10,906 miles)

Having waited at the lockgates (and visited St Peters and the Distillery at Glenville) we enter the lakes - very large body of water, pretty much landlocked, there is a narrow entrance at the top and the lockgates at the bottom (St Peters). Scenery (and weather) lovely. A very special place. Sailing here is great, flat seas, bright sunshine and normally 5-10 knots of wind. (we usually had less...)
 On the way through the lakes there were a few houses, and also an first nation reservation.

St Peters to Iona was a pleasant 20 miles, there is a bridge here that needs opened, this happened promptly when I radioed the bridgekeeper. On the "other side" there is a government wharf. We came across a lot of these, built for fishermen and recreation I tend to keep clear if they are packed with fishing boats (fishing boats sometimes play dodgems). I need not have worried...

The roller reefing had jammed so we dropped the sail - I later discovered if the halyard is too tight the foil l…