ABC islands without A ( 15,336 miles to date)

Ok, I cheated - this was not one of our dives -  we see this on an enormous billboard next to a Transworld radio transmitting station - American Evangelical Christians transmitting on shortwave to the world. (there is a lot of religious programming across the shortwave band)

Psalm 107:26

We depart Grenada for a downhill sail of 400 miles to Bonaire - but divert a bit North to avoid Pirates and Parrots.

We also run with no navigation lights and the Automatic Identification System (AIS) transmitter switched off - we are rigged for silent running. It was a bit windy for pillaging around in small boats which gave us some comfort. The end of the journey saw force 7 but we ran nicely under twin headsails both poled out.
Future travels will be homeward bound from Curacao. Below is the complete map of the Caribbean. My future journey is North from Curacao, ending up in Puerto Rico(PR) again and then a wee sailing holiday around the Spanish and US virgin Islands before leaving the boat in PR …