The Bahamas (13450 miles to date)

We see these later in the Bahamas, sometimes 2 or 3 at once. They are curious about us I think. Of course they are fairly small, only 4 or 5 feet. Their mouths would only fit the smaller of my appendages...

Modern diving fashion is to hang in mid water for 3 minutes at 5 metres, presenting yourself as a tasty morsel for the denizens of the deeps.( and they call it a safety stop!!!!)

Eileen and Colin arrive at Brunswick in Georgia and my Hurricane insurance allows me to travel south the next day (November 15th). I still watch for hurricanes as the official end of the season is the 30th and some Hurricanes don't know the date...

After a couple of days travelling down the ICW, where Colin parks the boat in funny places a few times we arrive in St Augustine, a favourite town of mine. It is a lot busier than when John and I were there and many many shops have geared up for Christmas  - feels a bit weird as we wander about in shorts and tee shirts.

We depart for an outside passage to F…

Heading South - the ICW again (12,536 nm)

Dawn on the Intra-coastal Waterway. Or just off it in Bay River.

We depart Cape May before Dawn and 156 miles later arrive in Norfolk/Portsmouth at the bottom of the Chesapeake after a fairly peaceful open sea passage. Not much sailing, lots of motoring.

Another Dawn, I anchor off Hospital point and have a snooze. Rain arrives so I stay onboard. Ihad wanted to visit the OCC representatives here Greta and Gary as they had been so kind when I last visited. In the end I try to slip away as we are on a tight timescale. I am spotted by Gary who kindly uploads a photograph to Marinetraffic.

The blessing and curse of AIS, Everyone knows where you are! (but thanks Gary, and sorry we didn't meet)
And off the next morning early into the ICW, I am still travelling with Dima who is in Cheers and we travel in convoy. I stop for fuel at a dock full of cheering parents! there is a high school rowing regatta on the river, all boats are asked to avoid hitting them!

I see 10 or so boats, mostly 8&…