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Barbados to Martinique

After roughing it in Barbados we head across the sea to Martinique, we depart at noon and fly on a beam reach at 7 knots - two reefs in the main and 5 turns in the number 2. A rolly sea (of course) but we prevail and hold the beam reach, then a fine reach. Quite windy until we get in the lee of the island and we have a hour or two of motorsailing to arrive in Port du Marin on Martinique Southern coast. We had thought to arrive at daylight but came in at 5 am. Doros and I managed to pick up a spare mooring just off the marina. In the morning we motor to the fuel dock and  I clear in in at the captainaire - mainly diy using their computer, fast and painless - 5 Euro. The staff "help" us into our bow on mooring. I'd prefer to do this myself using my special swedish mooring hook but the two marina staff run around in a tizzy insisting on tying our ropes to the bouy and shouting in french to tie this and tie that. Shirley and I managed to do this in the Baltic for 5 years wi…