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To the Canaries

Eileen and I travel west from Chipiona, 30 miles back to Mazagon and then 30 miles back to Ayamonte - which looks like a lovely place to spend some time - the river Guardiana starts here and you can go up the river and find a number of places to stop. The entrance can be tricky and I contrive to enter and leave near high water - I had 5 metres of water and I guess in a heavy swell the entrance should be avoided. We have no swell and are able to pick up Ken successfully. We leave around lunchtime after a walk around the town - pleasant place. We head for Faro and encounter an interesting thunderstorm en route, I take the mainsail down before it hits (we had been motor sailing) For 10 minutes we endure horizontal rain and peak at 47 knots, the engine has us going forward at 2.6 knots into the 47 knots. The rain drives through the louvres on the aft cabin hatch! We get into the Faro estuary just after dark after dodging many many lobster pots and some fishing boats. There are massive &q…

Heading to Seville

We arrive at Mazagon Marina - 50 miles from Faro and 30 miles from Chipiona at the mouth of the guadalquiver river that runs inland to Seville and moor to the reception pontoon - the office is shut for lunch. Shirley feels ill with stomach cramps and suddenly is losing weight from both directions at once (D&V). She has a thoroughly miserable time over the next couple of hours and I help her as best I can and also get Shadowmere moved to a overnight berth. Off to bed with a hot water bottle seems to help her and next morning I move the boat to Chipiona - very light winds and no swell thank goodness.
 I cheated here - the shots below was taken a few days later after we had visited Seville
 Palm trees and beaches, sun and sea, what's not to like
After arriving in Chipiona we realise that going 50 mile up a river in very hot windless motoring conditions will take all day and be boring - and a waste of Shirley's precious time, we only have Saturday and Sunday, maybe Monday as …