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Bangor towards the South

Not much to post about this, after leaving Bangor in a fanfare on Sunday afternoon we motored to Ardglass, the wind was on the nose and tacking to windward would double the journey time. We also knew the wind was increasing that night and were keen to get safe as soon as possible.

Prescient decision, the wind did come up and from a bad direction of course, we ended up stuck in Ardglass for three nights! But this was good in a way as it gave time for a better prepared proper departure. And as Shirley and I live about 6 miles from Ardglass she could come for tea on the boat with John and I - she brought crumble!

In fact I cheated and spent one night at home while John boatminded. This allowed us the car the next day as we needed to use someof the tools in my garage for last minute modifications to the new anchor locker lid - John had covered this with nice Iroko strips.

So the journey South continued on Wednesday morning at 7am, we arrived in Howth at 17:15 having had two hours really …