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Belfast to Belfast 10,000 miles (+/-)

Belfast to Belfast, it has taken 10,000 miles (a bit more actually) But I am finally here.

This is not the city hall's best side.

Belfast Maine is a fairly small town, bigger than Donaghadee, smaller than Bangor (our Bangor - the "other" Bangor is actually just up the river from here, had there been a bus I might have visited.
Coming up the river was a bit like looking at Belfast Lough (the Cultra side), maybe, at a stretch

Well, ok, we don't have docks at every house (tidal range is about 7 feet if I recall correctly, so Docks are not too onerous to put in.

Lots of people get out on the water, though it is a bit lurky dismal grey today.

I radio the harbour master (Cathy) and she says they are a bit packed as New York Yacht club boats are arriving tonight and tomorrow. I say I am on a pilgrimage from Belfast, Northern Ireland and very keen to visit Belfast Maine, Oh, says Cathy, in that case you can have a buoy right in front of the town. Turn right at red buoy 6 an…