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Porto to Lisbon

You try and take photographs of Porpoises and Dolphins by the score and often just get a splash of water. Here is my best yet. A short beaked common Dolphin. Clear enough to be identified using the Collins nature guide "Whales & Dolphins" that Peter Kirby-Smith bought for Shadowmere on her return from Norway to the Belfast - we were spotting Minkie whales on that trip.  The shot above was taken a few miles South of Varzim. I am visited a dozen times on that trip. Maybe they know I an on my own.

 Just a few shots of Varzim - a wonderfully cheap marina  (only 23 Euro a night or245 Euro a month!)  with a nice core of longterm liveaboards - barbecues on Friday night, book swop area - sort of clubhouse feel to it. The town is very much a holiday town, well, it has a holiday beach, the rest of the town is unassuming, shore front it full of restaurants and cafes, back one street and it is an ageless old Portuguese town.
 This little huts go on and on

 On the right are stalls p…