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ICW Mile zero - South Chesapeake Bay (9393 miles)

The magnificent navigation markers on the ICW help birds onto the property ladder. The Americas use can shapes for green and cone/triangle shapes for red. The opposite of Europe -(the IALA A/IALA B system) I used to remember the European buoyage by thinking of red cans of tomato soup... ah well, my other mnemonic of "Is there even any red port left" sort of works - the americas put red on the right returning to port...(and on the left leaving of course).  We put port on the left on the way into harbours - unless contradicted by the symbol for bouyage direction shown on small scale charts... confused yet?
The wee pictures on the chart plotter or your mobile phone tell you were to go...
And so to exit the ICW - the last bridge is a lift bridge - another new one for me (though of course we had seen many on the Gota/Trollehattan canal when crossing Swedan) Actually the shot shows a single Bascule lift bridge in front of the lift bridge - there are often two bridges togeter on t…

Gerogia and the Carolinas (9230 nm)

No flies on me, they are all dead I get swarmed by a million flies one night at anchor, luckily not biting but a real pain to clean up nonetheless, thank Goodness I had mosquito nets over all the hatches - thank you Clifford and Christine for your gift of these. Having said that I have yet to meet a mosquito, although these flies make a similar noise to mosquitoes. I had kept a bright flourescent light on in the cockpit whilst anchoring - as well as my mast top anchor light of course. But now I won't. the noise was incredible, I was a full mile from shore too.  I do have very effective insect killer aerosols down below - bought in Cuba and frankly quite dangerous to humans I suspect. But by gum they do kill flies! This happened in the North River in North Carolina - about 60 miles from the end of the ICW. My last blog left us at mile 680 in Brunswick, just into the state of Georgia, when John Henshaw left the boat. I press on to try and make progress and stop at Beaufort South Ca…