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The Algarve, the end of phase 1

The 45 mile passage from Lagos to Faro passes without much drama - temperature in the high twenties, low thirties and a lot of sun. Faro is a natural inland sea, through a narrow gap with the flood tide with me - travelling at 10 knots may seem fast, but not as fast as entering Strangford at the right time. I swing a right and anchor in 4m of  heavy solid gloopy mud off the island of Culatra, there are over a hundred boats at anchor, the holding is superb, I sleep well.

The weather is superb for the next couple of days - I struggle to get jobs done as it is really hot - I run the fans below decks and drink 3L of cool water every day. On the third day Simon arrives on Sylvana and we have a beer ashore and then a bb'q onboard Sylvana - thanks Simon! I row the inflatable back to Shadowmere after dark thankful that I have good night vision - I had forgotten to set the anchor light before going ashore (in daylight) Darkness falls quickly here, as it will in the Carribean.

Not much win…