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From Les Sables d'Olonne to La Rochelle

After a morning spent chilling, getting gas and some other chanderly, we depart Les Sables d'Olonne. I am very fond of Les Sables - we kept Otago here for a winter in 2004/5 and find the innner marina quiet with pleasant laid back bars and cafes. The outer Marina is very touristy, lively, a bit "kiss me quick" sort of place, it is bordered by a massive beach full of tourists and has all the trappings of bulk tourism.

The navigation up and down the river is tricky as the silt moves and the transits don't, last time in I took advice from a local who told me to go South of the transit. This time we went in and out at half tide and kept to the transit. depth seemed ok right on the line.
 Moving across onto the transit before the training walls that exit the harbour - the channel only gets shallow then
 Girl riding side saddle!
 We finally got a nice sail - broad reach allowed me to try out the new whisker pole. Over 6 knots for 6 hours!
 Lunch - my rolls are a bit more …