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Northern Florida 2 St Augustine (mile 8602)

I know what I'll have to make when I get home... We visit St Augustine - an important historic town. There are a lot of well preserved buildings and the local college (university) is in a really well preserved set of buildings built I believe by Henry Flagler - he was a partner with Rockefeller's venture into oil and owned the railroad that supplied the town- he must have been worth a bob or two! He built the Alcazar hotel which was a the height of luxury, in 1888. It was bought by Otto Lightner a publisher from Chicago in 1947, he was an avid collector of lots of things, he bought the hotel to store his "stuff" in. In due course it becomes a museum which John and I visit serendipitously. Here are some shots from it.
At the entrance is a reminder of our mortality and the role of fate in our lives.

Ah well, it will be what it will be then... Ironically (which perhaps the Americans don't get) the Museum also offers space in an adjacent wing to a number of governme…