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Alone in the Cararies

Having arrived in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and paid for two nights in the marina (13.50 Euro a night) I ask for discount for 5 weeks and paying in advance - this is after waiting for two hours in the marina office. I do not understand at all the pricing structure - it looks like half the fee is for electric and water but I end up being charged 282 euro for 35 days (8 euro a night). Much better than being at anchor or on a buoy, and I think you are not allowed long term rents on the buoys anyway.

So, escounced safe in my berth I start to work down "the list" repairing lights, fitting a car radio (again). The car radio is neat - it can play DVDs on the video monitor I fitted in Ireland, via a composite video to VGA adaptor that ebay provided. It also has a USB socket for pen drives and (micro?)SD slot to play music from. Sounds good in the cockpit speakers! I also fit new taps to both heads, get the cockpit shower working and fit a pump out deck fitting with associated sanita…