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Getting ready to leave and the departure

Getting the boat into the water at Carrick meant re-attaching the (first)Forestay.
And then I left Carrickfergus singlehanded - but just across Belfast Lough to Bangor, Shirley raced me by car (I won) and Saturday night was spent relaxing...

The Beer flows
And it starts to get silly
Remember the photo at the beginning of this post showing three men struggling to get a clevis pin in? well the next morning I disassembled it and put it back together again with one hand - in the old days every bosun had a handy billy - a 4:1 pulley purchase and blocks, here I use my handy-billy to pull the foresail down really easily. Felt rather pleased with myself!
And then it is time to go, rather hectic and many things left unsaid... to Shirley for her love and patience, her hardwork and her understanding and for everything. It wouldn't have happened without you. My eternal thanks and love to my best friend. (Anyway the weather is so crap I get a get a chance to say goodbye later...)

Start of the sailing adventures of the yacht Shadowmere, 2017 Belfast towards Nova Scotia via the Cape Verde Islands and Barbados

Shadowmere, a 1979 Hallberg Rassy 41 foot ketch was given a refit that included a new fridge and galley refurbishment, solar cells and a bimini as well as fitting a mizzen staysail and a twin pole arrangements for crossing the Atlantic. A windvane, a new windlass and echosounder and new mains wiring (and a 110 Volt autotransformer for the states) were added as well. A 90l/min diving compressor and a couple of sets of diving gear were added to give us something to do when in foreign and exotic places.

Over the previous few years she got a new engine and mainsail and was already a well found vessel. Navtex and Hamradio equipment augment the existing old furuno weatherfax as well as PC interfaces. The Garmin chartplotter has cartridges for everything needed and paper charts are on board as well, I will list this in a later post.

The adventure as it currently stands is;

Leave Belfast Marina, spend a month out of the water in Carrickfergus, launch and head south; the usual advice is to he…