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Nevis and St Kitts

We meet Tommy the Turtle on a dive on St Kitts.

Nevis and St Kitts are only a few miles apart and are federated together, we arrive at Nevis first, it is the smaller island but we stay here for 3 or 4 days.
Charlestown is fairly small, we walk around it in half an hour, Ferry terminal welcomes cruise ships but there is not many "Funny Disney like shops" that we had observer in other Cruise islands - we see a good example of this in St Kitts later.  Actually only small ships call at Nevis and they do not dock but have to anchor off.  Alexander Hamilton was instrumental in drafting the constitution but arguably more importantly he founded the concept of capitalism, borrowing and spending other peoples money, I wonder where we would be without him... he does get his face on the ten dollar american bill.
We visit the museum, along with cruise ship passengers.  And we also wander around the town, not touristy, just a small working town. There are celebrities here - John Cleese w…