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Martinique to Guadaloupe

We leave Martinique after diving near the bottom lefthand corner (SW if you like). Traversing the West coasts of these islands is not too difficult as the sea is calm and the winds often light. It is the gaps between the islands that get you, see above!

When we leave Martiniques southern Marina (Port de Marin) we see an infestation of yachts transmitting AIS.

The previous blog entry describes our departure and dive in more detail. After our dive we head along the 25 miles of sheltered west coast of the Island, our route will involve 25 miles of open sea and then 30 more sheltered miles along Dominica’s west coast – we skip Dominica, I hope to visit it next year as it is said to have superb diving and be a very beautiful island. From Dominica to Guadaloupe is 40 miles of open sea – at a slightly disadvantageous angle to the wind. Gentlemen prefer not to go to windward. The high tippy factor spills tea from one’s teacup. We begin with full sail as winds are light in the shelter. In the fi…