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Cuba 2 To Trinidad de Cuba and Goodbye to Doros (Mile 7497)

Doros wearing the shirt in anticipation of Ireland's win. They did magnificently Grand Slam!
We dive again in the Garfens of the Queen after moving from our "snug" anchorage in the mangroves. The photos do not do it justice as the colours were much more vibrant - hopefully Doros's raw images can be colour corrected in due course - the shots below are from my 59 quid gopro clone.

 Lovely little sand alleys between clumps of coral - a coral garden
And there is a lionfish hiding behind him.
And then onto Trindidad de Cuba - its seaport is called Salida actually, and the main old town is 5 miles away.
We pass fishing boats on the way in (Sunday)

We get in to the sheltered bay, go to the town and are told to go to the marina - it has 1.7m in the entrance and we draw 1.85, we plough our own furrow and have to reverse off, again. Anchor in the bay, go ashore and wait the security guard in the very quiet marina is very good and phones the guarda - they take 2 hour…