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Cuba 4 Cayo Largo (miles to date 7625)

I leave Cienfuegos early in the morning, I have 47 miles to go – to a lighthouse on an island in the middle of nowhere – Cayo Guano del Este - the island is a mile long and has a sort of anchorage behind it – the island runs North South and the wind comes from the East and the Swell from the SE or SSE. The 47 miles is long because I have to skirt a very large restricted area – just south of the Bay of Pigs In fact yachts are not allowed anywhere near the Bay of Pigs although you can drive to it and jump in the water and have a really good dive – rocky drop off.

The lighthouse resembles a rocket, maybe Castro’s little joke for the Americans? Or maybe the designer read TinTin… Next day I sail onwards towards Cayo Largo – I sail inside the reef which theoretically means less sea. I still get a sea that rolls me as I am on a dead run, I am in 6 metres of water most of the trip – or less, spooky how clear it is.

Being an engineer who has studied astronavigation and knows how high the sun is…