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Long Haul Creek, near St Michaels (9493nm)

Beer O'clock from a small creek near St Michaels - we had cruised here from Annapolis. By the way the neoprene stuby holders are a very good idea in the heat - not only do they keep the beer cool, they stop condensation drips that get everywhere

Leaving the US Naval Academy, all the nice girls like a sailor, Shirley's got hers...

The middle of Chesapeake Bay is a sizeable sea - 150 mile long although less than 30 miles wide. However there are so many estuaries on the West or East banks there are easy cruises between towns, and many little creeks to anchor. Given typical 10 knot breezes it is a sailing delight. The shot above shows us going to windward towards a chesapeake lighthouse- weird designs, they can survive sea ice in winter. We examine one in detail later. The bay is mainly shallow, average is 20 feet.

We pass this and pull in to the inlet that leads to St Michales - a town with a major maritime museum and working restoration boat yard. A mere 30 mile from Annapolis.