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First thoughts on the Canaries

Oh look a Porpoise thinks it's hiding if it sticks its head in the water! this is during my passage from Tenerife to Gran Canaria - force 5-6 and the porpoises visited me three times to keep me company.

However to go back to the beginning we had moved from Marina Rubicon on Lanzarote to anchor off the main town in Fuertaventura to move on to Santa Cruz in Tenerife so that Ken and Eileen could fly home - Ken from the airport in the South and Eileen from the airport in the North. There was a good bus service and they got home safely. Leaving me alone again. I'll miss them, they were good crew, from force zero to force nine.
 The view from the marina in Tenerife was stunning, particularly early morning.

 The (outer) harbour had some lovely old old boats
And the marina had some lovely old boats - in between two big boys! the marina was tight for space so put us with the superyachts. They both had professional crew, but I prefer mine...
Anyway, to save a bit of money I resolve to …