La Coruna to Camarinas

When we got to La Coruna, riding a force 7 for the last hour we decide to stay for 4 days. We get 25% discount here with Cruising Association membership. Paula and Simon of Sylvana help us in and invite us to join them and the crew of  "A fine Balance" for drinks and a meal up the town.

Gavin and Heidi are sailing A fine Balance South - it is a lagoon 45, the flybridge version, superb boat, the size of 4 yachts, a veritable large appartment on the sea.

Relaxing on the aft deck

 Tapas in the town

We split early from the party as Eileen and are have booked a scuba dive at 9am in the morning. Although I am a 4 star diver (BSAC 1st Class) it has been many years since I have had a proper dive so I need a good nights sleep. In the end the dive was lovely - 28 metres for 40 minutes. All my gear worked although I failed to get the camera to record - need to read more manuals!

We spend the next few days working at jobs around the boat and a bit of sightseeing -

View from the boat! hot and sunny

 The tower of Hercules is the worlds oldest working lighthouse, high up on the hill above La Coruna - views are good!

 And here is the view from seaward as we leave on the Monday morning for the South
 A porpoise moving with purpose, haven't seen too many, but we get 3 or 4 briefly - hard to photograph!
 That's a bank of fog on the top right that moves down for the last couple of miles into Camarinas - we get lifejackets on, stay in the cockpit, crank up the radar and sound the foghorn every few minutes, miraculously it totally clears for the last 400 yards into harbour. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best

 As you can see, the harbour is a bit small for Shadowmere - pontoons are less than 20 feet long.
We come across camouflaged fishing boats - you wouldn't see these if they were hiding in a forest.

Unfortunately the celebrations for the fiesta of the virgins is continuing, and continuing - the town goes mad with fairgrounds, stalls and open air concerts until 5am. Sleep is optional


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